Sunday, July 03, 2005

2005 Summer of Love

2005 Summer of Love Finals: SP album (click here), 31 photos. SP01 vs Jeepney, SPo2 vs Ultimatum, SP02 vs Espana United.

Jeepney & Espana: some snapshots of Espana United and Jeepney from the 2005 Summer of Love Finals. Also contains photos of Devils A, and a few of BC, Askalz and Ultimatum. (Click here) for 35 pictures.


If you still feel like browsing the older albums, I've placed some links below:

Week 2, Ateneo Football Fields
Album 1 (click here) 2005 Summer League, 35 pictures
Album 2 (click here) Okeeey, another 34 pictures....

Week 4, Alabang
Album 1 (click here) Album # 1, taken June 5. Mostly SP snapshots. Incudes SP01/02 costume game photos.
Album 2 (click here) Taken on June 5. Album contains game pics.

Week 5
Album 1 (click here) Sinong couple of the week? 3k&Cats, Noah&Gang, Michelle&Makoy, or Rio&Raven? Album contains people and one very, very serious frog.
Album 2 (click here) Got game? SPO1 vs Devils A, SPO2 vs Jeepney, Ultimate vs SPO2.

Week 6
Album 1 (click here) The first week of Round 2: SP02, SP01, Jeepney, Askalz, Devils A, Serious, Espana United. Plus: "Alabang Scandal part II - Huli ni Direk". I played around too much with the camera's built- in filters, which explains the weird yellow grass, and a few bluish hues.
Album 2 (click here) Blast from the Past: Unposted pics from weeks 2, 4 and 5. Features players from SP, Jeepney, Espana, Devils, Askalz, BC, Ultimatum & AD.

Week 7
Album 1 (click here) Grrrl Power! The women of PUA show their stuff! Orange, red, pink, blue or purple - what's your favorite color?
Album 2 (click here) Madmen and more: You have to be at least a little bit mad to chase a plastic disc week after week.


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