Wednesday, September 28, 2005

mag:net presents: lee's night

Tuesday nights at the mag:net cafe in Katipunan Avenue is Lee's Night - underground music legend Romeo Lee's brainchild: to provide a venue for the very best young, upcoming bands in today's music scene. Every week shows an assortment of four to five groups that provide the crowd with a diverse selection of music, from rock to blues to jazz to punk rock, with the occasional improv performance thrown in. Admission is 100 Pesos, (50 Pesos consumable).

Romeo Lee


Reckless Imprudence

The News



Lee's Night regulars getting wasted. Bottom left photo taken by Errol



Blogger bryan baltazar said...

nice shot kuya cge po 2loy ntn ung project sa THE NEWS, cool ung mga tirada U ROCK!!! ps. Sna next tym macapture ako hehehe>>> MORE POWER

BRYAN L. Baltazar
e2 email ko

3:38 PM  
Blogger ricky mutya said...

thank you very much,,,,,,,ricky the news,,,,,,see you sooner bro,,,,,

5:55 PM  

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