Monday, April 24, 2006

Tour of the Fireflies

Me and Pat in Quiapo.
Photo Credit: Mon Corpuz

The Tour of the Fireflies (LINK) is a family-oriented mass bike ride over several cities in Metro Manila. This year's ride took us from Tiendesitas in Pasig City, to Mandaluyong, San Juan, Quezon City, Manila, Pasay, Makati, back to Mandaluyong and then to Tiedesitias where we started. Its interesting to observe just how polluted our beloved Metropolis has become. Just like the corpse of a distant relative, Metro Manila is loved dearly, but the decay is disarming when taken in closely.

But its still great to see all the people who supported the ride. This year's marshals deserve a pat on the back for reigning in the bikers. In previous years, there were some participants (roadies, mostly) who became impatient and rode far ahead of the group. This year the group was well controlled. It was still tiring not because of the pace (it was sloooow) but because of the heat. Five hours on the saddle is no easy feat, especially for the young riders.

Thousands of bike riders riding to promote biking as a solution for cleaner air and sustainable cities. And for one day in a year, bicycles can actually bully cars off the road. :)

My snapshots:

The orange marshals at the start of the tour: 7AM, Tiendesitas, Ortigas.

Rock Ed Philippines: No More Excuses!

PARE ni Juan: Campaigning for the Renewable Energy bill

Long line of cyclists along Macapagal Ave.

Cyclists take over Ayala Avenue in Makati City

The fireflies invade Quiapo!

Riding into Mandalyong. Makati City can be seen in the background.

Some people consider us nuts for doing this. This guy takes that idea literally.

The oldest rider on the tour. One of the smarter ones too. Notice the dust mask.

The young riders of the tour. This event is really for them.



Anonymous sally said...

nards! di kita nakita, sayang, nagpa picture sana ako :) i was with Sinag and Raya and 2 of her biker friends. :)

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