Saturday, September 01, 2007

Got Scans?

The cheapo all-in-one HP 1210 scanner/printer/copier/coffee table that i have beside the desktop produces really crappy film scans. I used to have an old Mustek flatbed that produced better scans than this.

I used the Mustek scanner at 4000 dpi to scan my grandmother's very old, worn and cracked B&W class photograph and extracted her portrait. After quite a bit of cleaning up and sharpening in Photoshop, I had it printed at 8X10 and it was quite decent, considering that the original scan area from the print was less than a square inch. And this was pre-USB days, working on a computer with an AMD K-62 processor at 350MHZ, 64MB RAM. Older version of Photoshop, version 5 I think.

I like this scan. Even if it looks like it was taken through a burlap sack. Probably because it's Aggie's photo. :)

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