Monday, November 28, 2005

2005 Manila Spirits

non-game album [click here]

The 2005 Manila Spirits was hosted by the Philippine Ultimate Association (PUA link) last November 26-27. Disc players from all over Asia trooped over to the Manila Polo Club for a fun and frantic weekend.

Local team PULA won the championship against some of the toughest teams in the region. Check out the Spirits website here for more news.

Below are a couple of galleries of the pictures that I took of the event.

Misc. game photos
Photos from several games that were too few to have their own album
[click here]

Freakshow vs Breakfast Club
[click here for more photos]

Espana United vs Boot
[click here for more photos]

Master Shake vs Bucking Broncos
[click here for you-know-what]

Black Lung vs Jeepney[clickey-click. photos. yay.]

Boracay vs Disc Devils
[ a few more pics here]

Freakshow vs Master Shake
[to see more pics, shake yer freak this way]

Jeepney vs Boot
[click here for more photos]

Pula vs Boracay
[click here for more pictures]

Sunken Pleasure vs Bombproof
[more photos. no porn, sorry]

Freakshow vs Pula
[more pics here]

Espana United vs Bombproof
[more pics here]

Black Lung vs Sunken Pleasure
[photos more for here click]

Junk vs Sunken Pleasure
[click here for more photos]

Disc Devils vs Sunken Pleasure
[click here for more photos]

Juice vs Espana United
[more juicy photos here]

Team Puta vs Renegade
[click here for more]

Junk vs Pula
[click here for more photos]

Renegade vs Jeepney
[click here for more photos]

Semifinals: Pula vs Freakshow
[click here for more photos]

Semifinals: Boot vs Master Shake
[click here for more photos]

Finals: Pula vs Master Shake
[click here for more photos of the finals]



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fantastic photos :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the photos! good job! :D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet photos. anymore of the finals halftime show?

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