Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chickens and the internet.

clueless clucker. sariaya, quezon, 2006

I was laughing hard when I was reading engadget this morning. The post was about inked eggs. Some British company developed a dye that was used to mark eggshells that takes the guesswork out of boiling them. If you boil one of these eggs, the dye would appear when the eggs were done. You have a choice of soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs.

Photo from BBC News

The comments on engadget were hilarious:


"Wonderful, now its even easier to enjoy one of the nastiest foods on the planet. Not to mention the unthinkable amounts of cruelty behind each and every one of them.
Yay for technology that makes the exploitation of animals even more fun!"
Posted at 3:58PM on Jul 31st 2006 by Paix247


Fuck you, hippie!
Posted at
4:08PM on Jul 31st 2006 by thedvs01


@ Paix247
There are plenty of free range chicken farms in the US, that DON'T feed chickens meat, and DON'T stuff thousands of chickens in small cages.

@ thedvs01
Why don't you try learning what happens to the chickens you eat before replying with such a comment.

They are boiled alive, have their beaks cut of to facilitate forced feeding, fed growth hormones that make them grow so fast their bones break, stuffed into cages barely larger than the chicken itself, fed ground up chicken meal (think about how "mad cow" disease started, by feeding cows, well, cows)

KFC and many other restaurants should be ashamed of themselves for condoning this type of activity.

Posted at 4:18PM on Jul 31st 2006 by Jacob


Stop! you're making me hungry!!

Posted at 4:46PM on Jul 31st 2006 by mikep


I really don't care if chickens are force fed, or boiled alive. I know that makes me a 'bad person', but I really don't. There is way too much human suffering in the world for me to even start to think about chicken suffering. Like it or not, chickens are not humans, they can not think, they are creatures of instict. I no more care for chickens feelings, than I do for the ant I just crushed.

Posted at 4:47PM on Jul 31st 2006 by Bryan Jackson


Thank god chickens are too stupid to complain, and too tasty to ignore.

Posted at 4:53PM on Jul 31st 2006 by Octavus


BBC News



Anonymous Kitten Girl said...

No wonder our Pearl always has this terrified, bewildered look. :P

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