Thursday, January 31, 2008

DPreview's new lens tests chart explained

chart from

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert.

The chart is divided into 5 sections. The large green area (1) simulates a test shot. If you move your mouse over the small checker board patterns that run diagonally across the test shot, there will be a small pop-up of what I think are 100% crops of checkerboard patterns.

The test area 1 is based on a specific focal length (2) and aperture (3). This combination of focal length and aperture generates a specific MTF chart (4) and CA chart (5).

For more info on MTF and CA, check this link and this link.

If you already own this specific lens, you can check at what focal length and aperture your lens will be sharpest and will have the least chromatic aberration. This means you are looking for high MTF-50 and low CA. You can also compare lens A vs lens B for MTF and CA.

I hope this helps a bit.

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