Monday, January 16, 2006

(almost) surfing in pundaquit

morning in pundaquit. capones island can be seen on the horizon

we left quezon city at 1 a.m., hoping for waves. the water was calm when we arrived in the sleepy town of pundaquit, zambales at 6 in the morning. we travelled a few more kilometers to crystal beach where there were a few small swells, and almost managed to ride our boards. after a nice lunch of sinigang and a quite a few naps, we went back to pundaquit to meet up with the UP outdoor recreation class of rannie dizer.

we spent the afternoon and much of the next day hanging around the beach, eating, skimboarding, tossing around a disc. i brought along my snorkelling gear to be able to take pictures of surfers from the water, but alas, there were no waves, so i just went into the water to snorkel a bit. the small reef areas near Jara resort were unremarkable, just a few rocks and a lot of sand.

we were blessed with good weather, great food and excellent company. the only thing we missed were good waves. next time, perhaps.

more photos on my yahoo! album [click here]

peng & olga on crystal beach

noah (almost) surfing

noah hanging around with the locals

louise on a hammock

warden rannie watches over the inmates

goons poses with his skimboard

fred flintstone and his shortboard.

gang & olga

skimboarders aplenty

swinging around in jara's

....and even more photos.....

me, on a hammock.



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