Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rock Ed Philippines

Linisin ang Pilipinas!

I've volunteered to take photos for Rock Ed and Dakila's joint clean up program of the Philippine relief map in Luneta. The map is now clean, and the team has scheduled Feb 26 to be painting day. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to paint the map, as well as funds to provide the paint. Details of the cleanup program HERE

From the Rock Ed Website:

"Our main objective is to find alternative ways to make the young Filipino more interested in socio-civic realities, critical thinking, and having relevant knowledge about the complex issues du jour.

Our secondary objective is to train teachers through creative teaching workshops to be more effective in communicating with their students. (e.g. We offer lectures on Media Literacy, Environmental Science, new approaches to teaching Geology, Math Teacher Training, Pre-School and Grade School Classroom best methods, Phil-Chi Cultural lectures, Poetry and Creative Writing, Archaeology in the Philippines, etc.

Our dream is to make teachers more hip. A great byproduct of the first two objectives is providing the young professionals a venue to volunteer their time and expertise through these alternative classes. To experience getting involved in nation building through their professions."

dakila head honcho ronnie lazaro

roy, volunteer

tado, volunteer

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pj and gang in kapangan, benguet

no more excuses, philippines!


Blogger Kitten Girl said...

Of all my research trips, Benguet is the one I will remember the most. Bruce Lee Rules!

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