Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Small Worlds: Fun with photoshop

I've been creating my own small planets. In Photoshop, that is.

The basic technique:
Find a photo with plenty of negative space in the top half of the photo, and preferably a level horizon. (You can add negative space onto the top if needed)
Crop or resize the photo into a square.
Rotate the image 180 degrees
Apply the Photoshop "Polar" filter
Apply some image editing to stitch the edges together.

(thanks to dimsumboy of for the idea)

See the photos below to have an idea of how if comes together:






Blogger Jowi said...

Ang galing! Thanks for the tips man! Is very very useful, am very very happy. Hahaha.

Thanks for sharing it, I'm so grateful.

If you got the time, please check out my portfolio in my multiply.

10:32 PM  

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