Monday, April 14, 2008

Lo-fi goodness

received the first batch of film shot through our new (old) camera - a 60's era Yashica A TLR. As a collector's item, this model isn't particularly valuable, as it was the cheapest in the Yashica line - simple three lens design, manual film advance, no light meter, and very simple mechanicals. It's simplicity has some advantages though - it's very easy to get multiple exposures, and it doesn't have that many parts to break.

I really like this camera. It's doesn't have the sharpest medium format optics out there, but it's sharp enough, and it's very easy to use. I think I'll have fun with this new toy. :)

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Blogger ManfredKZ said...

Cool, I liked the pics! I like to do experiments, old cameras, etc., and your site is a good inspiration. The color splash ideas for the flash are nice :-) cheers

10:17 AM  

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