Saturday, April 30, 2005

I don't really know what these things are called....

mmm....lunch! Posted by Hello

... but i think they look cool.
(click here) for other examples of portraits I've made. Send me a pic, and i could make you one if I'm not too busy (lazy)

a couple of other examples i saw on the net: Rob Kelly, Vectorize Me!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


broken clavicle, circa 2000 Posted by Hello

(click here) 5 xrays.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Puerto Galera, April 2005

nasaan uli yung beach? Posted by Hello

(click here) Galera. Sun, Sand, Spam. 35 pics.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dahil kailangan ni Pope JP II ng belayer

Desiderio "Doods" Ulanday 1974-2005 Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

Marina Lunch April 2005

chow, myka & tintin Posted by Hello

(Click Here) April 17 lunch at Marina, Timog Ave. New pamangkin. Kite-flying sa memorial park. 42 snapshots

Sunken Pleasure practice games, April 2004

lutenant kernel johnny vs. carlo ni karla Posted by Hello

(click here) Sunday, April 17. Krit vs. Rhona. Tuklap tuhod ni Claire. Atbp. 18 pics.

Ultimate Cockfight 2005, costume party sa IS Manila

bob marley and his harem Posted by Hello

(click here) Orange Madness, plus Big Bird's long lost brother. 20 pics.

2004 Album # 6

Carlo flipping out. Batuh Ferringih, 2004 Posted by Hello

(click here) 2004 album # 6. Some travel pics and family snaps. 20 pics.

2004 album # 5

huh? Posted by Hello

(click here) 2004 album # 5. Light. A few portraits. 20 pics.

2004 album # 4

Sunflowers, Changi Airport, Singapore Posted by Hello

(click here) : 2004 album # 4. flora and skies. 20 pics

2004 album # 3

Bambi Ramiro on the world's biggest swiss army knife Posted by Hello

(click here) 2004 album # 3. Sport Climbing, Dragon boat rowing. A few sprinkles of adverture racing thrown in. 20 pics.

2004 album # 2

Rosa the bubble master Posted by Hello

(click here) 2004 album # 2: Bubbles, skimboarders, a metal dragon, a roasted pig. Various photos looking for a theme. 20 pics.

2004 album # 1 Archive

Jonas, Tarak Ridge 2004 Posted by Hello

(click here) : Contains some UPM, Frisbee. 20 pics