Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mt. Pulag, December 2005

steep hills and pine trees

skulls and bones in a traditional ifugao burial area

group photo at the last water source before the peak

the hanging bridge

cats on the hanging bridge

sally & paul amidst rolling hills

mike in the mossy forest

wildflowers at the grasslands near the peak

Jon among giants

a fallen pine tree

paul villegas hangs on the jeep to baguio

USTM people. hi ate leah! :)

the ateneo kids at the grasslands

trail food

mossy forest

boy calunsod prepares his pack

boy's toy

cats leads the group throught the pine forest

morning mist on the pine leaves

gary, on the steep akiki trail

grasslands, just before the clouds rolled in

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

2005 Lantern Parade

prof edru abraham's kontra gapi

Dec 14 2005 - UP Lantern Parade: The University of the Philippines annual lantern parade is a fun and colorful tradition. It was also an excellent excuse to take lots and lots of photos, as well as a perfect time to practice flash photography!

huge crowd in front of eng'g

the pep squad was a hit!

popular walking ebs lantern

Alyx in front of a fairy lantern

Dancers in front of the College of Business Admisnistration

ate glo X2: saan ba talaga ang nunal???

UP rower girls

UPM: Lumos!

Me, Edsel and Edge getting friendly with the devil

UPM batch WooHoo again

Hannah the flaming lantern

Gollum was there. With some bald guy on the right.

Fire dancers

UP Rep delegate to the SEA Games pole vault event

Heidee spins around in one of the CS booths

Feiry Educ students


Cherry and Aisel

Paper cranes in one of the booths

She designed this lantern