Thursday, July 28, 2005

Overdue: October 2004 bikeout - Banawe-Sagada-Besao

These pictures are waaay late. They were taken on an exhausting bikeout from Banaue to Sagada last October 2004. We were blessed with great weather, left Banaue around 11am and reached Sagada in time for dinner.

The following day we split into two groups - Levi, Winston, Miles, Rebo, and Jay biked back to Banaue, while Claire, Janet, Noelle and myself met up with Jing and did the Sagada tourist thing, then biked onwards to Besao.

More pictures if you click the link at the end of this post.

Janet and Noelle

Tunnel just outside Bontoc

Sagada - Outside St. Joseph's (orange guy->me!)

Noelle and Claire terrorizing the locals

(Click Here) for 30 snapshots of the bikeout.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Crepuscular Rays

Also called sunbeams, god light, buddha lights. These are lines of light that sometimes radiate across the sky from the sun hidden behind a cloud, often at twilight. The church steeple in the foreground is the Sacred Heart Parish in QC.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rocked Philippines

Rock Ed is

  • a ten-year series of alternative education projects.
  • a group of private citizens that value education in its traditional form but creates alternative solutions for teacher training and student activities to enhance classroom learning--NOT replace it.

To volunteer for Rock Ed's GCAP Activities:

To volunteer for GCAP-Philippines mobilizations and rallies: or

Sunday, July 03, 2005

2005 Summer of Love

2005 Summer of Love Finals: SP album (click here), 31 photos. SP01 vs Jeepney, SPo2 vs Ultimatum, SP02 vs Espana United.

Jeepney & Espana: some snapshots of Espana United and Jeepney from the 2005 Summer of Love Finals. Also contains photos of Devils A, and a few of BC, Askalz and Ultimatum. (Click here) for 35 pictures.


If you still feel like browsing the older albums, I've placed some links below:

Week 2, Ateneo Football Fields
Album 1 (click here) 2005 Summer League, 35 pictures
Album 2 (click here) Okeeey, another 34 pictures....

Week 4, Alabang
Album 1 (click here) Album # 1, taken June 5. Mostly SP snapshots. Incudes SP01/02 costume game photos.
Album 2 (click here) Taken on June 5. Album contains game pics.

Week 5
Album 1 (click here) Sinong couple of the week? 3k&Cats, Noah&Gang, Michelle&Makoy, or Rio&Raven? Album contains people and one very, very serious frog.
Album 2 (click here) Got game? SPO1 vs Devils A, SPO2 vs Jeepney, Ultimate vs SPO2.

Week 6
Album 1 (click here) The first week of Round 2: SP02, SP01, Jeepney, Askalz, Devils A, Serious, Espana United. Plus: "Alabang Scandal part II - Huli ni Direk". I played around too much with the camera's built- in filters, which explains the weird yellow grass, and a few bluish hues.
Album 2 (click here) Blast from the Past: Unposted pics from weeks 2, 4 and 5. Features players from SP, Jeepney, Espana, Devils, Askalz, BC, Ultimatum & AD.

Week 7
Album 1 (click here) Grrrl Power! The women of PUA show their stuff! Orange, red, pink, blue or purple - what's your favorite color?
Album 2 (click here) Madmen and more: You have to be at least a little bit mad to chase a plastic disc week after week.