Monday, October 31, 2005

a few pics

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Manic Monsoon 2005 Finals

Team Jeepney and the Disc Devils squared off in a tightly contested final game of Pool A. DD's huckapalooza game was clicking, and they led early, but Jeepney clawed back with tenacious D. Both teams were evenly matched, but in the end sombody had to win. Especially since it was getting way toooo dark to play. It was amazing how Reema managed to see enough of the disc to catch that final hammer! Jeepney takes the Manic Monsoon title for another pasada.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated and played their butts off, and to the PUA for pulling off another exciting tourney.

Before you know it, time na for Manila Spirits!


Scenes from the finals:

The Espana United Hotbabes were seen promoting their new album...

... with their choreographer, Ultimatum diva Raven Morato

EU Hotbabe fans from Team Jugadores and MAD show their approval


DD wins an emotional Semis game over SP01


SP01 & SP02 battled for 3rd and 4th place


Camille Aragona of SP01 (and Taffytrip [link])


Pool B Champions Espana United

EU vs TODA in the Pool B Finals game


Jeepney's Sebastian soars for a block

Team Jeepney celebrates their 2nd championship in a row

More finals photos: CLICK HERE

Manic Monsoon Slideshow (and a few comments)

I'm trying something new on this blog. I've uploaded a slide show of Ultimate Disc photos on (link)

Manic Monsoon Logo from PUA website (link)

To see the 3 minute slideshow, click here. The link automatically brings you to the slideshow hosted on To return to this blog, you will have to click the back button on your browser. Easy enough?

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Oh, I'm on broadband, so I'm not sure if it works on dial-up. If you have problems, tough luck. :)

Many, many thanks to PUA for giving me the CDs.

Congratulations to the back-to-back champions, Team Jeepney & Espana United! I will be posting the photos of the Finals of the Manic Monsoon '05 soon.

Some people have started calling me "Pikol" on the field. OK, that's what I've called the blog - and if you check the header at the top of this page, you'll see: PIKOL: PIK + KOL Pikture Blog of Leonardo Coll. That's my name by the way, and I dun spel too gud. Pleased to meet you. Nards na lang for short. :)

Two final words: Manila Spirits!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lee's Night, October 18 2005

Mag:net Cafe in Katipunan holds its regular Lee's Night every Tuesday. Underground music legend Romeo "Wild Thing" Lee presents up and coming musical acts. Admission is 100 Pesos with a drink included. Great performances every week.


Julia Clarete jams with The Brew

Romeo Lee and Julia Clarete

The Brew


Stone Cigars

Rey Agapay


Monday, October 24, 2005

Manic Monsoon Week 5 Photos


Week 5 takes Philippine Ultimate Association (link) to the Ateneo High School football fields. For once, players had escaped the wet and slippery mud of Alabang and UP- only to have bruised elbows and knees on ADMU's packed clay turf. The games were heated as all the teams were scrambling to improve their standings prior to the Manic Monsoon 2005 Finals Week.

Good luck to all the teams on Saturday! Layout naman kayo! :) Di baleng umuwing sugatan, wag lang talunan!!

Van the Ventriloquist and his disc playing puppet, Ruel

Young Onyok Skywalker practices his levitation powers

Cholo and Xtian's rendition of Swan Lake

Got Disc Shirts!!!!! OHHHH YEAHHHH!!! (300 Pesos Only)

(Hihihi! That guy is reallly hairy!)


MY Disc!

My DISC!!!

my dick!

More Week 5 Photos [Click Here]


Friday, October 21, 2005

gummy bears gone wild!

bad, bad bear...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Itchy and Jeffrey, Fontana Resort in Clark

JS Digital Video allowed me the opportunity to be part of their photography crew in covering Itchy and Jeffrey's wedding in Fontana, Clark. To learn more of JSDV's dynamic and innovative "MTV style" videos for wedding and corporate events, click here. Below is a sample of some of the pictures I took during the event.

To Jeffrey & Itchy, congratulations and best wishes on your new life together!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sunday Muddy Sunday

wet n slippery

Nino of team Uruk Hai

Noah vs. SP01

G: Arggggghhhhhhh!!!!

Jorge chases plastic

Danny with a catch at the endzone

To get your weekly Manic Monsoon picture fix, [CLICK HERE] --> Album of about 80++ pics

Monday, October 10, 2005

Caption Contest: Manic Monsoon Week 3

Hey Guys! Click on the "post a comment" link below to add a caption to our Pic of the Week!

Godfathers of Rock & Roll

The Jerks, Friday nights at the 70's Bitro in Anonas
from top left: Nitoy Adriano, Chikoy Pura, Benjie Santos, Edwin Aguilar

Philippine Music Registry: CLICK HERE
The Jerks celebrate the first 25 years: CLICK HERE (, October 2004)


Monday, October 03, 2005

Manic Monsoon Week 2

Manic Monsoon returns to the fields of the Alabang Country Club. The muddy ground presented some problems, but the games were great! Check the current standings on the PUA webpage here

Carlo of SP02 reaching for a high pass

Espana United player with a sweet layout in the EU vs Askalz game

Check out the layout D

Ramsay catches this one


the guy in the background released a forehand at the same time

(Click here for 89 more snapshots from week 2 of Manic Monsoon 2005)