Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My home made lens

I was inspired by Joachim Guanzon's digital EOS holga mod. The guy took apart a Holga lens and mounted it on a drilled out lens cap, and put the assembly on his Canon DSLR. This LINK takes you to his well-documented page on

Not wanting to shell out extra money for the holga lens, I looked around the house for something to use. I was looking for old disposable cameras, and small magnifying lenses. I had an ancient video camera that wasn't working, and the viewfinder lens was already loose. I took off the lens and put it in front of my dslr to see if it can form an image. Surprisingly, it did! i looked carefully and made sure that there was enough clearance between the lens and the mirror. It was tight, but i figured there was enought space. I pressed the shutter and it worked.

The lens donor: my old, non-functioning panasonic video camera

Next, I needed something to mount the lens in front of the camera, so I went with the old favorite, the body cap. I still had the one that came with the camera. I started a hole with the hole puncher of my swiss army knife. Then I enlarged that with the small knife. I was careful not to cut myself and tried to keep the hole round, and in the center of the cap. I managed to make a reasonable hole, i think. I also padded the front of the cap with black duct tape to keep the lens from hitting the mirror. The protrusion inside the body is about the same distance as an EFS lens.

  • The hole on the body cap was hand made. Duct tape was put to add more distance between lens and mirror.

Then I put six equaly-spaced dots of epoxy on the back of the lens too keep the lens in place.

Back view: sloppy epoxy job, but it works.

After mounting it on my Canon 350D, its time to take photos! My camera is gaffered up and looks more toy-like than ever before.

the images are not sharp, but i like them. :) The lens has a view of about 50mm (35mm equivalent) and a constant aperture of f/2.0


Monday, May 08, 2006

Rock Ed Philippines: Levi's Concert

Rock Ed (LINK) put up a sign-up table at the Levi's 501 Stay True Concert Tour at the Fort.

Rock Ed diva Gang Badoy trying to drum up support for the Anti-Kris Aquino movement

The Rock Ed sign-up table

Never underestimate the POWER of bad grammar on a t-shirt.

Volunteers Leslie and Beng

Mike, Aggie and PJ

Leslie's entourage at the concert.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

DISC: Viva Hot League week 1

The Philippine Ultimate League (PUA link) started off five weeks of scorching disc action with the start of the "Viva Hot League" last Sunday at the Ateneo High School Football Fields.

Week 1 photo album: [CLICK HERE]

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

UP Mountaineers on Everest BC

The major TV networks continues to drum up interest in the Everest Team and Romeo "Romi" Garduce. As a member of the UP Mountaineers, there's a certain pride in knowing that several of our members are part of this event.

I'm posting a couple of old snapshots that I've taken of them. :)

Romi Garduce on The North Face 2004 Adventure Race. Romi is supported by GMA 7, and is attempting to summit Everest this May.

Garduch carrying his mountain bike across a river.

Garduch with Alyx on Gulogod.

Noelle Wenceslao on the MRT during the 05 San Mig Lite Enduro. Noelle is part of the Philippines Everest Expedition expected to attempt Everest on 2007.

Janet Belarmino in Santolan during the 05 San Mig Lite Enduro. Janet is also a member of the 07 expediton.

Noelle and Janet competing in the '04 Maquiling Adventure Race

Noelle and Janet on a bikeout from Banawe to Sagada, circa 2004. They comprise two of the three women in the Everest Expedition.

Claire Montemayor, Janet and Noelle.

Levi Nayahangan, also a member of the Philippine Everest Expedition, shown here competing in the 04 Maquiling Adventure Race.

Jong Narciso, also member of the 07 Phil. Expedition. He is also in the Everest Basecamp coordinating logistics for the "recon climbers" of the Team, Pastour Ermata and Leo Oracion. This photo was taken in the 05 Quezon City International Bouldering competition where Jong was the main course setter.

Choi Aquino showing no mercy to a donut. (Sorry dude, wala nang ibang photo) Choi is a member of the 07 Everest Expediton.

UPM president Henry Nakpil is also in Everest Basecamp.